California: Hotbed of the New Anarchists

California has always been strange. Something about the place makes people crazy since before the gold rush days. Glazed over by the dynamic creativity under Pacific palms is the glittery God-awful insanity of eccentricity gone toxic. We always knew the place was “whack”, but the Silicon Valley nuts threatening to kill elected presidents publically? Yeah, you […]

The Trump Presidency: A World Rebooted

Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election has been cause for great hope and exuberance, as well as continued divisiveness from some. The president-elect’s meeting with Barack Obama this week gave Americans hope of togetherness, while protests across the nation from some Hillary Clinton supporters created concern. Mr. Trump’s forthcoming cabinet selections are also cause […]

Standing Up Against the Clinton Political Demon

On November 8th, 2016 Americans will decide to either end a 240-year dream of freedom, or to embark onto a further hopeful adventure into democracy. Hillary Clinton as President of the United States will ensure our complete enslavement by the new political religion. Electing Donald Trump as POTUS will be a further vote of confidence […]