Your Darkest Fears Realized: The Anti-Christ is Here and He is Stupid

Not only is he stupid, he could be a pussy (cat?). Actually, consulting my body language expert, in this age of gender fluidity, he is definitely of feminine inclination. Here is your proof.  Earlier today a Sputnik report told us that formerly revered news magazine, Newsweek is run by unseen forces. Cassandra Fairbanks, with the help of […]

IAAF Hires Rep Management “Wetwork Man”

When western leadership chose to bash the Sochi Olympics with groundless allegations back in 2014, something in the soul of sport died. The reverberations of the sadistic politicizing form that moment, has now reached a deafening roar in Rio de Janeiro. At the epicenter stands the International Association of Athletics Federations‎ (IAAF), and organization sworn […]